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"Literature Is Entertainment or It Is Nothing -
An Interview with Thomas Ligotti By Neddal Ayad", October 2004
visit the website www.fantasticmetropolis.com (the interview is in English)
"10 Questions for Thomas Ligotti" Interview, February 2004
visit the website www.pagehorrific.com (the interview is in English)
  Work Not Done? an interview with Thomas Ligotti
by Thomas Wagner, March and May 2003 for The Art of GrimScribe
Original (English) Part 1 | Part 2
Horror and Humor in the Workplace
(Publishers Weekly Talks with Thomas Ligotti, September 2002)
visit the website of Publishers Weekly (the interview is in English)
Interview with Thomas Ligotti, Dark Moon Rising June 2002
visit the website of Dark Moon Rising (the interview is in English)
Disillusionment Can Be Glamorous
Interview exklusiv für The Art of GrimScribe, Januar 2001
Original (English)  |  Translation (Deutsch)
The GrimScribe in Cyberspace
Interview aus "Terror Tales", April 2000
Original (English)  |  Translation (Deutsch)
Transcript of a Chat with Thomas Ligotti on Dec. 3, 1998
visit the Event Horizon Website to read this one!
(it's all in English)

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