by Mark Samuels

Time of sunset come. Now frozen time disappears with light. Think can I, move can I. Darkness drowning world. Eyelids flicker into life. Wake I.


Stiff limbs move. Muscles work. Flesh decayed and dry. Thirst. Terrible thirst. Sunken yellow eyes swivel. Night is bright day is dark. Coffin within am I. Hands work. Claw at the wood. Hands rip dead flesh no pain tear wood splinters. Earth. Damp filthy. Choking.

Arise shall I. Limbs stiff claw with hands caked in soil. Up. Rise. Up.

Eternal dreaming am dreaming am dreaming am dreaming. Thirst. Blood. Gasping. Wheezing. Choking.

Air. Surface rushing cataract of sound. Dark is light. Moon explosion of darkness. Hurts eyes mine. Labyrinth tombstones maze of shadows. Wind roars blow long grass sway. Church big old grey gaunt spire. Bell-chamber clock two tolls. Echo listen. Sea wash cliff crash waves and stars points of dark. Sky bright. Clouds chase far out over ocean.

Body move. Dead flesh feel grass wet. Blood.

On cliff side churchyard. Months pass in sleep. Deserted. Flat eyes swivel stare dark bright. Many steps narrow hug cliff downwards twisted round go. Blood.

Dead am I. Shape mind infinite dream. Dream nightmare evil. Blood. Evil form blackness drain life. Taken over. Shadow consumed. Credo organic to inorganic. Blackness. Dead white face mine wormy. Teeth sharp bite like rat. Flat eyes vacant stare.

Shape mind eternal nightmare. Empyrean hell.

Inside endless abyss. Deepest pit empty. Emptiness frozen hollow man. Mind cobwebbed think fractured. Brain rotten.


Veins cold dead. Thought infinite tortuous fluid. Crimson oceans living hold. Shadows twilight lost I shadows forever in. Mind stupendous vistas limbo overwhelms. Vast immemorial oblivion of night inside I.

Thirsty Blood drink.

Evil soul fused body. Evil soul age decay without dying. Evil soul live body. Body not live evil soul.

Albert Marsh name was I. Marsh evil soul rot am I.

Thirsty blood drink.

Decayed corpse I rot. Pale bloated. Hair shock white strands cling to skull. Teeth black crusted rat. Haunted shade. Dark negative light see good. Limbs move stiff under ebony moon shuffle I. Down curving steps walk go I towards town below.

Think in dreams not thoughts. Think curls darkness. Light not. I creep wall huge white shadow cast. Downstairs go.

Many roofs clustered red-tiled confusion shine moon black on old wharves. Houses tottering angles. Cottages perched sea below. Waves shore break moon shine grey foam. Harbour town coast crash wave sound. Town blood red full people blood much.

Thirsty. Blood.

Limbs move stiff. Muscles tight dead. Moon windows shine empty.

Pale shade walk shadows dreams.

Lane twist narrow houses lean. Sea break shore. Sky vaulted dark stars cold distant.

Dreams infinite shape. Blood dreams.

Marsh mind human. Mind now rot. Marsh dead gone.

Now undead I.

Coffin good. Earth. Quiet. Dream.

Body mine blood need soul think rot. Insomnia of the dead. Thirsty. Blood. Sleep dreams I dreaming inside dream within dream. Nothing real but dream.

Red dream. Blood.

Marsh once. Weak. Human. Now emotion dead. Now inhuman. Marsh gone. Evil soul undead. Eternity haunts soul mine. Sleep no more. Body frozen day. Mind dream forevermore. Never awake. Always red dreams. Somnambulist of Red Dreams.

Human blood need live I. Stiff limbs shuffle through streets moon bleached. Lane turn. Flight narrow steps between houses centuried. Waves lap bottom step. House window open top. Stairs outside climb I groping.

Curtains flap in wind. Sill over I crawl dead limbs quiet. Shrivelled tongue lick dry ash lips mine. Feel teeth crusted crimson sharp mine. Ruined mouth. Thirsty. Blood wet warm.

Sleeps human young. Breathing in out. Blood full to brim. Life full it. Youth full it. Peace calm it. Dreamless sleep it.

Thirsty. Thirsty. Blood.

Black white photograph wall hang. Family happy frozen in joy still. Smash break bloated hand mine crush photograph.

Small human stirs. But then deep sleep it.

Shadow white mine across wall move. Creep I nearer.


Sleep it. Blood fills veins it. But weak it. Small it.

Dreams I within dreams red infinite. Thirsty. Blood.

Crimson think I. Over cot lean. Stiff bloated hands touch flesh warm. Wakes it at last.

Noise. Small human cry. Black teeth bite rat deep into flesh. Drink deep suck I.

Blood suck drink I. Blood suck I. Blood suck I. Warm gushes fill stomach complete I.

Blood good.

Empty veins dry veins human empty it is. Stomach mine blood full. Dribbling over crimson black rotted rat teeth mine. Cold red sticky human small. Eyes stare fixed. Move not. Life gone. Blood all gone.

Limbs back move I.

Warm good I. Warm good I. Out sill over climb I down lane fast. White face blood smeared. Human screams from behind.

Snow falls. Flakes black flutter cover houses lanes.

Sea breaks shore waves crash.

Up narrow stairs hug cliff to churchyard go. Cold spectral tombstones lurk. Blood sloshes in stomach mine.

Red dreams dream infinite dreams. Dig back down to coffin mine cover earth good. Rest darkness.

Earth good.

Quiet good.

Blood good.

Blood good.

Blood good.

Endless red dreams I.


© Mark Samuels, 2001
Courtesy by Mark Samuels
All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication (including graphics) may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording or any information storage or retrieval system now known or to be invented without permission in writing from the publisher.