Dan Layman-Kennedy

Good Tom-Go-Lightly
You'd understand why I wander alone
In the streets late at night with my overcoat on
While the landscape around me turns restless and strange
And the skyline seems oddly arranged
And I think you'd know what I meant if I said
That my costume is motley but my laughter is dead
And you of all people I'd show if you asked
What my smile looks like under my mask

Come Good Tom-Go-Lightly, unseen
I have looked on your works and it seems
That not all of the dreamers are dead
You have opened a door in my head
I'll go through it where Good Tom will lead
Tom-Go-Lightly who knows it indeed

So spin me a tale of the realms of the weird
Of the Boschian visions our masters revered
Let me drink from the cup of the secrets you know
Share the gifts that the darkness bestows
Because I know the tune to the song that you played
The grim Flemish laughter, the harlequinade
I think I may have walked the same backstreets as you

Looked in shadows that looked in me too

So it's your voice I hear when the long shadows fall
And I'm drawn to the derelict streets at their call
When the landscape around me is eerily changed
Full of silence and somehow deranged
When I can't escape from the feeling I feel
That the world I inhabit is strange and surreal
I take comfort in knowing that somewhere tonight
Tom-Go-Lightly would tell me I'm right

© Dan Layman-Kennedy, 2000
Courtesy by Dan Layman-Kennedy
First publication: October 2000
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